Patterns: MVC, MVP and MVVM

In this article I would like to tell you what the difference between these patterns. Let’s start with the first main one – Model-View-Controller – it is a fundamental pattern that applies in the many technologies and every day makes easier life for programmers. If you ask software Architects about “How to implement this pattern”, I think you will get a couple of different answers and respectively a couple of solutions. Basically, there is one common thing in these patterns – is separation of User Interface (UI) from business logic, it allows do work for front-end developers not thinking about program code. If you remember school or university programming, it was a huge bunch of lines of code, written in code behind (for instance) of .aspx files, that’s not a good practice.
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ASP.NET Web API: Knockout JS – Simple example of GET, POST, PUT and DELETE

In this article I will not describe of what the knockout is and etc. because about knockout there are many information in web, for instance here and here Steve Sanderson explaining of how to use this framework in ASP.NET Web API application. The goal of this one is to show pure code and Continue reading “ASP.NET Web API: Knockout JS – Simple example of GET, POST, PUT and DELETE” »

IIS: Redirect from http to https

I have faced a different troubles when was trying to make redirect from http to http url. Sitecore and IIS have a huge capabilities that some of them are a bit conflicting with each other. Indeed, I have tried to get it work and installed URL Rewrite module for IIS, and it worked like charm for the time being until I began sitecore upgrade and switched pipeline mode from “Classic” to “Integrated”, and fun began. Btw. I used this article for settings of redirection. Continue reading “IIS: Redirect from http to https” »

Using Cake Mail service through API by C#

Let’s get started from question what is Cake Mail? Cake Mail is service that gives you ability to manage all subscribers on your site and sending emails to your subscribers. So I want to tell you how we can work with Cake Mail service through their API. But first, I want to pay attention to the fact that exist two resources which provide cake mail services this and thisagree with you, sounds confusing. I won’t be describe difference between first cake mail and second, just tell that service which provided by Cloudtools Rackspace has much more functionality (checked). So, let’s get started, and in this post I’m going  Continue reading “Using Cake Mail service through API by C#” »